Roadline is a VR road safety simulator that allows people to learn about the dangers of roads and the necessary precautions while using them without putting them at risk.

It is very accessible as it can be run on a low-cost smartphone with a VR mount which costs ~350 INR. The software itself is free and opensource so that anyone can use it.

The simulator puts the person in a tough situation both as a driver and as a pedestrian, to give them firsthand experiences of the dangers one could face if they don't take the proper precautions. There is a machine learning model built into the game that analyses driving behavior as well as the pedestrian's reaction to the behavior and suggests ways to improve in the next run. This is akin to "reinforcement learning" for humans instead of machines, which is especially relevant when children and adults have been stuck in their homes during the lockdown, not having a chance to learn these core life skills naturally.

Awards won:

Toyota Road Safety Hackathon - Winners

Made with ♥ by Pulkit Garg